Zentrum für Glas- und Umweltanalytik GmbH


Umwelt Glas


When the ZGU centre began its commercial activities, environmental work had a more important place in the portfolio than at present. Particularly because of the need for investigation and re-development of former glass-working sites, a number of projects were carried out successfully.

During these projects the Centre’s advantage lay in the team’s knowledge of glass engineering and of the raw materials and additives used in glass production. Contamination research was carried out on numerous urban sites (investigation of buildings, observation of landfill sites).

As the work increased in the glass analysis sphere, the Centre’s activities on the environmental front had to be cut back.

However, work is still being carried out at the places where glass production and processing has to be monitored for compliance with environmental requirements: the filter dust, the grinding slurry, the fritted glass, the water from the process, and so on.

As the Centre is in collaboration with a number of powerful accredited companies, the whole spectrum of environmentally relevant services, from site investigation to sampling and analysis, can be offered.