Zentrum für Glas- und Umweltanalytik GmbH


About us

At the ZGU, an independent service is offered which includes effective and highly reliable glass analyses for the specialist field of glass materials, but goes further.
Above and beyond – or, indeed, before – the analysis, the ZGU team will formulate the analytical task demanded in association with the solution of technical problems.

For this purpose, the consultation during conceptualizing the required techniques of measurement as well as the assistance with interpreting test results have similar high significance for us as the analyses themselves. In course of this, we rely on manifold information from our clients.

Confidential treatment of all customer data is of course a basic principle of our work.

Already, our customers number about 400. They are mainly companies from Germany; some are from further afield in Europe, Asia and Africa. With them all, the Centre has a steady business relationship, going back in many cases for more than a decade.